Let's Celebrate Independent Bookstores Everyday

Bookstores are a vital part of the fabric of our society
Independent Bookstore Day was celebrated on the last Saturday of April, but let's celebrate and support our local indie bookstores every day!
According to the NationalToday.com website, "the day pays particular attention to all the independent bookstores around the U.S. and their unique contribution to the fabric of society."
More from NationalToday.com:
1. It's about the written word
We love to support any endeavor that involves books. The written word is a heritage that will outlast us all.
2. It helps the little guy
Independent bookstores are up against major businesses with a global reach. We support them to help them survive in a very competitive industry.
3. We love books
Independent bookstores provide a public service. Any space that provides books, across genres and categories is always a great idea.
1. Visit an independent bookstore
Just knowing where they are, and what they have to offer is important. Visit your local independent bookstores and let them know that you know they’re there.
2. Buy a book
Whether it's for you or someone else, support your local independent bookstore. Make a purchase or two and refer a friend.
3. Share on Social Media
Help raise awareness about your local independent bookstore. Spread their message and details on your social media platforms.
Here's what spokesperson Amanda Gorman has to say about the importance of independent bookstores:
According to TimeOut.com, here's a top-ten list of 
'The best independent bookstores in the U.S."