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Axiom Awards 2025

The Axiom Awards are open to books from business book authors and publishers worldwide that are published in English, with a 2023-2025 copyright Visit for information about categories, guidelines, etc.

To enter, fill in all applicable information below. When you enter online the final step in the process is printing out a copy of your entry, along with mailing instructions for sending judging copies (we require one copy per category entered). If you are sending a PDF, email to Email address is required and very important, as this is how we communicate with you about judging and results updates. Thanks and best of luck! If you have any questions about your entry, click HERE.

Program: Axiom
Price: $79.00 per category

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General Categories
 01. Business Theory
 02. Business Commentary
 03. Economics
 04. Career (job search, career advancement)
 05. Sales (sales skills, negotiating, closing)
 06. Leadership
 07. Networking (social media, communication skills, etc.)
 08. Business Ethics
 09. Business Intelligence / Innovation
 10. Business Disruption / Reinvention
 11. Human Resources / Employee Training
 12. Entrepreneurship / Small Business
 13. Philanthropy / Nonprofit / Sustainability
 14. International Business / Globalization
 15. Personal Finance / Retirement Planning / Investing
 16. Business Technology
 17. Emerging Trends/AI
 18. Women / BIPOC in Business
 19. Success / Motivation / Coaching
 20. Advertising / Marketing / PR
 21. Corporate History / Milestone
 22. Real Estate
 23. Business Reference (legal, how-to, industry specific)
 24. Memoir / Biography
 25. Business Fable
 26. Work-Life Balance / Time Prioritization
 27. Independent Thought Leaders
 28. Audiobooks
 D1. General Business
 D2. Personal Development (leadership, career advancement, success)
 D3. Industry Insights (industry-specific topics)
 D4. Business History (memoir, corporate history, financial history)