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eLIT Book Awards 2024

Creator account categories are open to anyone with active accounts for over six months with posting at least one post per week average. Please indicate platform and handle and/or website on "Title" line. For Audiobook categories, the audiobooks must have release dates of 2022-2024. Audiobooks must be gifts from your chosen platform to ensure consistency among judges (e.g.- gift from Audible or Spotify). You can email your gift to

Program: eLit
Price: $75.00 per category

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General Categories
 01. Audiobook - General Fiction
 02. Audiobook - Mystery
 03. Audiobook - Romance
 04. Audiobook - Autobiography/Biography
 05. Audiobook - Business
 06. Audiobook - Self-Help
 07. Best Book Trailer
 08. Best Website - Author
 09. Best Website- Book/Series (enter website address on “Title” line of form)
 10. Social Media Account- Author/Publisher (Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, etc)
 11. Social Media Account- Library/Bookstore/Institution
 12. Video Channel (YouTube, etc)
 13. Podcast - Book Club/Book Discussion Format
 14. Podcast - Interview/Author Hosted Format
 15. Blog/Longform Posts/Newsletter (blog, Substack, etc)