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Living Now Book Awards 2019

Living Now Awards are now closed for judging. Please do not enter past the July 13, 2019 entry deadline unless you have permission from the awards director and can deliver books for judging by July 23rd. This contest is for lifestyle, homestyle, personal development and wellness books published since January 1, 2000, and is open to authors, illustrators, and publishers worldwide of books written in English and intended for the North American market.

To enter, fill in all applicable information below. When you complete your online entry, the final step in the process is printing out a copy of your entry, along with mailing instructions for sending judging copies (two copies per category entered). Email address is required and very important, as this is how we communicate with you about judging and results updates.
To review the contest guidelines and eligibility, click HERE.

Program: Living Now
Price: $95.00 per category

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General Categories
  01. Cookbooks/General
 02. Cooking/Natural (Nutrition, Organic, Vegetarian, etc.)
 03. Cooking/Ethnic/Holiday/Specialty
 04. Crafts/Hobbies
 05. Gift/Specialty/Keepsake
 06. Journal/Activity/Coloring Book
 07. Animals/Pets
 08. Green Living - Alternative Energy, Conservation, Gardening, Etc.
 09. Family/Parenting
 10. Social Activism/Charity
 11. Personal Growth/Self-Help
 12. Motivation/Practical Self-Improvement
 13. Sexuality/Femininity
 14. Relationships/Marriage
 15 . Inspirational Memoir - Male
 16. Inspirational Memoir - Female
 17. Enlightenment/Spirituality
 18. Metaphysical (Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Development, etc.)
 19. Exercise/Fitness/Yoga
 20. Health/Wellness
 21. Meditation/Relaxation
 22. Healing Arts/Bodywork/Energy Techniques
 23. Caregiving/Eldercare
 24. Mature Living/Aging
 25. Grieving/Death & Dying
 26. Inspirational Fiction
 27. Adventure/Romance Fiction
 28. Children's Inspirational Picture Book
 EB1 - Living Now Evergreen Book Medal for World Peace
 EB2 - Living Now Evergreen Book Medal for Health & Wellness
 EB3 - Living Now Evergreen Book Medal for Personal Growth
 EB4 - Living Now Evergreen Book Medal for Spiritual Leadership
 EB5 - Living Now Evergreen Book Medal for Nature Conservation